Four authentic cedar reproductions are designed by artisans and engineers to guarantee that each piece looks handmade. New technology and color selections work with all Alside siding profiles, creating endless design options.

Use Pelican Bay® One Scallops to highlight gables, window boxes and eave edges or to create frieze boards and bands to emphasize your home’s style. Pelican Bay One Traditional Shakes, Hand-Split Shakes and Cape Cod Shingles are hand-crafted to bring the look of real cedar shake to your home – use to accentuate the architectural aspects of your home or to side your entire house.

When it comes to separating Pelican Bay One from real cedar – the distinction is in the performance. Pelican Bay One features durable polymer construction that won’t crack, warp, rot or split and never needs to be painted. You’ll have the natural beauty and appeal of genuine cedar but without the time-consuming maintenance.

These distinct qualities combined with the latest technology make Pelican Bay One an industry leader in design, appearance and performance.

Pelican Bay


Pelican Bay One Shakes and Scallops Exclusive Features:

  • A Continuous Panel Lock for a strong, secure fit resulting in a stable, consistent appearance.
  • An Extended Length for less seams and a cleaner exterior appearance.
  • A Self-Concealing Seam Lock for a flawless, classic look.
  • Gale Force 5 Technology ensuring superior performance in extreme weather conditions. In independent tests, Pelican Bay One remained secure in Category 5 hurricane-velocity winds.




Profile: Scallop
Exclusive Features: Extended 6' 4" panel length
Exposure: Single 6 1/4"
Texture: Natural cedar grain
Colors: 20










Profile: Traditional Shake
Exclusive Features: Extended 6' 8" panel length
Exposure: Single 7"
Texture: Deep cedar grain
Colors: 20







Hand-split Shakes


Profile: Hand-Split Shake
Exclusive Features: Extended 6' 3" panel length
Exposure: Single 9"
Texture: Deep cedar grain, staggered edge bottom
Colors: 20







Cap Cod Shingle


Profile: Cape Cod Shingle
Exclusive Features: Extended 5' 5" panel length
Exposure: Double 5"
Texture: Natural cedar grain
Colors: 20








There's really only one way to tell Pelican Bay from real cedar: performance. Because it's made of a low-maintenance polymer, Pelican Bay will never crack, warp, rot, split or need painting. It will look as good in the years to come as the day it was installed. Get all the benefits of a cedar shake look without all the fuss, with Pelican Bay.





Also refer to the color matrix for available colors.